Neon is a recurring theme for me at the moment. I blame it on owning two cans of neon spray paint. I've been getting a little trigger happy. I've always quite liked straw bags but have never bought one because, in all honesty, they kind of have a 'mumsy' feel. Until now.

Over at A Pair and a Spare, I noticed a Neon Market Bag that she had made. I thought it looked cool. Then when I was thrifting the other day I saw from across the store a small straw bag. I came closer and noticed that it had a zipper as well (most straw bags don't have one). Then I saw the price tag. $6.50. Done.

You'll need:
- Straw bag of your choice
- Neon spray paint
- Masking tape
- Newspaper
- Tassels (optional)

How to do it:
1. Measure approximately one third from the bottom of the bag and masking tape a straight line around the entire bag and cover the rest with newspaper. The bottom half will be the coloured part, obviously.

I had no masking tape so had to make do
I actually didn't have any masking tape handy so just had to make do holding the newspaper down with my hand. I do suggest using masking tape though, as the line will end up being much neater. Plus you won't end up with half a yellow hand like me.
2. On newspaper and outside, spray all of the sides thoroughly. Wait for it to dry (spray paint takes about 15 mins) then spray the bottom. As you can see from the picture I strung mine up to dry, but this isn't necessary. Remove masking tape.

3. An additional aesthetic option is to add tassels on the handles.

Three steps. Easy and so chic.