Here is a bit of inspiration for Friday. In the latest issue of Russh I came across a shoot featuring Aussie Top Model Runner-Up Cassi Van Den Dungen (who had a baby recently, would you believe?). Considering she has now become infamous for wanting to 'stay at home with her boyfriend' I'm not surprised how well she has pulled this spread off. The girl is a natural talent. The spread is rough, dry, raw and uber-cool. The mixture of roughed-up suits, neutral colour palette, wind-blown dresses and natural wind-in-the-hair style is perfectly suited to the country outback setting. And lord knows, I'm a sucker for ranch style fashion shoots. The spread makes me think of the video clip for 'Longest Road' by Deadmau5 featuring Lissie, which you can see here.

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  1. I'm a personal friend of Cassi's and I'm pretty sure she was in the early stage of her pregnancy during this shoot.