The Bearded Lady Story ::

The Bearded Lady is a fiery quirk, aiming to be different from the rest. She has travelled around the world, a lonely woman cast aside from society and branded a freak. She has met people from all walks of life, collecting many items along her travels and the myth surrounding her intrigues people to delve deep to try and understand more about her.

Her signature bushy beard are the force behind her fashion, and crowds long to be like her, mysterious and enchanting. She exudes confidence, has an elegant and knowing eye for fashion and claims 'if you can't change the way you look, change the way you dress'.

The Bearded Founder ::

The Bearded Lady was started by Erin O'Sullivan in 2011. What started out as a business idea has now been pared back to just a blog, which documents her style, inspiration, designs and anything else she loves and shares.

Erin is currently a Fashion Design student at Whitehouse Institute in Sydney Australia. Her love of fashion blossomed from vintage and op shopping to an appreciation of all design and style. Her style is a little beachy, rock boheme and eclectic.

When she isn't designing you can find her enjoying the simpler pleasures in life, like taking photographs, doodling pictures, baking sweet things and combing her beard.