When I first sighted the Proenza Schouler neon stripe handbags a few months back in a magazine I was having one of those days where I'd left my phone at home and therefore felt naked. I felt a little shaken and unsure because if I found a picture of something I loved I'd quickly take a photo of it on my iPhone. At the time, all I had was my notebook and a pen so I quickly doodled a picture of it (and when I say quickly I mean in about 1 minute). I actually quite like the doodling of items I find inspiring. I guess it makes me feel a little less guilty about not drawing as often as I used to.

Being a photography graduate one of the big discussions among students and teachers was how with the changing technology of mobile photography that everybody is capable of being a 'photographer' and how we are all becoming a bit reliant on our mobiles when there is something we just HAVE to capture. There is this idea that we now take a photo so the mind can forget the memory. I made a pledge to myself that day when I forgot my phone to doodle down my inspirations, whatever they may be. I think it will get my creative juices flowing better, aid my memory and will help when I'm trying to plan out how to do a DIY.

With all that said I am planning on recreating this bag with some spray paint and some fabric. Stay tuned.

My drawing - with some Photoshop colouring in

Quite clearly the real deal

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