With Christmas quite literally around the corner I thought I'd throw together a DIY project that I remember my mum trying when I was a lot younger. While the whole idea may seem a bit naff, if you decorate it, it could make the perfect table centre piece around your turkey and ham. And I know I keep whinging about the weather in Sydney, but at the moment wearing cardigans in the thick of summer seems outrageous! This DIY is perfect for the dreary rainy days spent inside when you're NOT bathing in the sun.

You'll need:
- Old magazine. A thicker one works the best (I used an old Vogue)
- PVA glue
- Paint brush
- Spray Paint (optional)
- Glitter (optional)

How to do it:
1. Get your old magazine and rip off the front and back covers. A thicker magazine works best because it thickens the tree once its finished.
2. Starting from the front, fold the the page diagonally inwards to the spine and flatten.

Step 2
3. Take the corner of the fold and fold it inwards again. To make the tree even take the corner of the fold to the bottom corner of the spine and flatten the fold. Fold the extra triangle upwards so that the bottom is flat.

Step 3
4. Repeat these steps for the entire magazine.

Fold the little flap upawards. Repeat throughout.
5. The hardest part is to get the front and back to stick together and look even. Firstly mount your tree on something (I used the spray paint lid) so that the pages don't curl or bend from the bottom. Then get your PVA glue and paint brush and paste them together. I also pasted every second or third page together around the front and back section to even it out. I then used my spray adhesive from my Glitter Heels tutorial to keep all the pages in place.

6. This step is optional but I do recommend it. Spray paint your tree. I tried neon orange first, but didn't like it because you could see the print through it. So I went over it a few times with white spray paint. You can also add a star to the top as decoration. If you add glitter just paint a light coating of PVA over the tree and sprinkle the glitter all over.
7. When placed on your table I'd again mount the tree so it looks like it is slightly raised. I used a circular cooling wire.

Lovely, right? I had these little decorative presents and scattered them underneath.

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