Sometimes when The Bearded Lady takes time out for lifes simpler pleasures like drinking tea or, more importantly, clothes shopping I'll come across something that I fall in love with and want so badly that I almost just ditch my savings and buy it. Then the angel on my shoulder kicks in and says 'where will you actually wear that?' I find that I often act on lust over love with clothing, especially with things that are 'now' and not 'forever'.

This happened recently when I was at my friends store +Estate of Mind. I've been modelling the stores clothes for the online website for some months now and a few shoots ago I was modelling clothes by Emma Mulholland. As soon as I saw the name of the designer I remembered it instantly, as I was sure I'd seen her name mentioned at Fashion Week in Sydney a few months back.

At first glance, Mulholland's pieces are loud and in-your-face and scream that question 'where on earth would you wear this?'. They seem like an array of colours, rags and ideas shoved into one piece without any real thought. It was not until I was actually wearing the pieces that I could closely inspect them and I realised that they were not only wearable but that they were also pretty flattering. Upon researching the designer a little further I discovered that she is not much older than myself and also attended the Sydney Institute of Technology, which I attended a few years back and has also produced amazing Aussie talents like Akira and, more recently, Dion Lee. 

The loud, wild and attractive designs of Mulholland could be compared to the likes of Romance was Born and I find the pieces incredibly inspiring and unique. The more I look at them the more I grow to love them. What is seen at first glance as loud, eccentric and reminiscent of bad 1980s fashion is actually wearable and flattering fashion with attitude inspired by beach and tribal culture and reveals a much more feminine quality beneath the surface. Watch out for this young talented Aussie designer.

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