Hey everyone. I'm in the final two weeks of my university degree. Last two weeks FOR GOOD, that is. Then I'll be free forever to be working on the blog and LAUNCHING the store. It's all pretty exciting.

As you can imagine, I'm so busy and haven't had the time to do shoots for other looks and things that will be available in the store, but I have been working on a little series of pictures.

The basic idea behind this work is based on something someone said to me or I read somewhere before going away to India back in July; that 'India is a kaleidoscope of colours'... So I've grabbed a whole heap of my holiday snaps (there about 2500 photos altogether) and taken that one sentence and literally abstracted my holiday photos into little works of kaleidoscopic art. A fun and interesting take on the idea of a holiday snap. I was doing it for fun really but the response has been really positive and some people are interested in buying some!
If you are interested in purchasing one or more please drop me an email at this address: thebeardedladyvintage@gmail.com.

So without further ado, here are a few. To see them all check out my Facebook profile here. I also have an art blog, which, if you're interested in having a perve at please click here. Enjoy!

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