Stripe That Smile Off Your Face

I've always had a bit of a crush on stripes. They always seem to be one of those things that come back in style every few years, lucky for me. On the right piece of clothing stripes can be really flattering and I have always believed that stripes work best on loose fitting garments, as they don't draw attention to any unwanted curves we all may have and don't optically trick people into thinking we are bigger than we really are. 

Here I am wearing a top that was originally long sleeved, tucked into vintage Levi black denim jeans cut into shorts, with a tan high waisted belt, red hat (for the bad hair day) and white cutout lace up boots. 

Stripes work best when they're the feature of an outfit, so don't go too crazy with accessories and other crazy patterns, because more often than not it won't work. Keep it simple with stripes and the look will work for itself.

These shorts will be available for sale from The Bearded Lady online store, coming soon.

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