Today I've been preparing to go and look at a few fashion colleges in Sydney. That's right, obviously three years at university weren't enough and I want more study. Honestly, I think I'm crazy. Before I headed out though I wanted to try a really cute look that I found over at A Pair and a Spare. You can find her proper tutorial here, I have just done the end wrap part a bit differently. Basically, you cut off the bottom of a long skirt, hem the mini skirt, and with the bottom part you've cut off, cut it open so it's a long piece of fabric and then wrap and twist it around your bust starting at the back. I did mine a bit differently to what Geneva did and instead of tucking the ends into the waistband at the back, I crossed them at the back and then pulled them over my shoulders and pinned them under the bust to look like a bustier style. Simple! The fabric of my skirt was a weird stretchy one, which is why in the back picture it looks like it's sagging a little (it was hard to keep it pulled tight). I think I'll be doing this to a few of my long skirts that never get worn anymore. I think I even like the top just on its own. Thoughts?

See how the back sags a bit? Still, the cross back looks cool, what do you think?


  1. gorgeous dress - just perfect for the summer :)



  2. How lovely! Funny coincidence too, I made a midriff outfit exactly like this on the weekend! Love. It.

    1. Such an easy way to make a top! I'll definitely be making a few more I think!

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    ps. u got to be sooo thin to be able to wear this and look as beautiful as u do :D

  4. Looks cool!

  5. Great dress!!


  6. Wow great! Did you hem it?? Please check out my blog two I am now following you!

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  8. This is adorable! Love this tutorial concept! =)