When I was planning my outfit posts for the week, I glumly looked in my wardrobe, dwelling over the fact that I haven't bought any clothes for myself in ages. However, not one to give up on a bare closet (well, bare in my opinion) I went through everything and took a chance on an outfit I never would have considered before - lace top and lace shorts. Lace and lace. Honestly, I was surprised how much I liked the look.  

My tip for a look like this is to not overdo it. I kept accessories basic, wore bright heels and neon pink on my nails and toes. On a warm, beautiful day all I wanted to do was wear something light and easy, take advantage of the weather considering how gross Sydney was during the week. So I went, broke rules and soaked up the short-lived sunshine.

I heart summer
Neon toe nails and and bright shoes

Neon nails & a cuff

Chanel sunglasses

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