What Goes Around Comes Around

Occasionally when The Bearded Lady is rummaging for vintage finds for the exciting online store opening soon, I'll come across something so gorgeous, so inspiring yet so simple that it kind of gives me chills. It's a reminder as to why I am opening the store and why I love vintage clothing so much. Amongst the tons and tons of junk there really are some amazing finds.

This navy blue sheer piece is what I am drooling about. Is it a top? Is it a cape? Is it a jacket? I don't know... but it's beautiful. As you can see it just ties up at the front. One of the things about vintage clothing that is so outstanding is that fashion really does repeat itself. This piece could be found new in any store today and is still so modern, it's versatile because it can be dressed up or down. Okay, now I'm rambling... a clear sign that I'm in love. I know that I've found a real treasure when I'm torn about keeping an item or selling it in the shop. Don't fret, I've already decided to sell it, and The Bearded Lady is planning on reproducing these in different one-off vintage fabrics and a range of sizes. Keep your eyes peeled for these beauties.

Also featured in this post is the white vintage crushed crepe dress, which will also be available for sale in the store, along with a new pair of 70s inspired cork wedges that I bought recently. Not usually a fan of cork, but I really think it works with these babies. Oh and I'm also wearing my favourite fluro orange ToyWatch.

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