I've noticed neon and bright colours popping up everywhere recently, as I'm sure you all have. With all of this 'colour-blocking' rage your wardrobe will look pretty bare without some form of colour this summer. If you're not brave enough to try the colour-blocking trend, or don't really have a clue how to make it work, re-vamping some of your jewellery might just be the key. I first saw this idea over at the lovely a pair and a spare blog, so thought that I'd give it a try on a metal necklace to see if it works (which it does).

The amazing thing about this idea is not only is it really easy and cheap, but it can breathe new life into cheap jewellery that you may have had sitting in your drawer for a while. It will brighten up any outfit and, let's face it, we can all find a way to incorporate bright jewellery into a winter outfit.

You'll need:
- A necklace, beaded or metal. A patterned necklace like the one I chose creates a lot of interest
- Neon spray paint. I bought yellow White Knight from Bunnings for about $18. (If you're spraying an item that is dark you'll need to do an undercoat of white spray paint)

How you do it:
1. Make sure your jewellery item is nice and clean from grease or anything else yucky, that may not hold the paint.
2. Shake your can of paint for about a minute to really get the paint to mix properly within the can.
3. In a well ventilated area, on newspaper, spray the item very well until it is completely covered. I found that on metal I had to really spray quite a lot of paint onto it.
4. Leave to dry for the amount of time recommended on the can.
5. My item looked a bit blotchy when it dried so I sprayed a second coat on.

After the second coat.
6. Leave it to dry again.

The final product.
And you're done! The only thing that I was worried about was that the spray might scratch off because the metal would have been finished with enamel and therefore wouldn't hold the paint well. I did a test up where the clasp is and tried scratching a little bit off with my nail and it seemed to stay quite well. I guess buying a spray enamel might be an idea but I'll just wait and see what happens as I wear it. After all, this is a seasonal trend item so isn't meant to be 'forever'. And I don't plan on wearing this everyday. On second thought, maybe I should buy another can of paint, just in case.

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