I've been trying to figure out what on earth I'll wear for Christmas day. I want something stylish, festive, budget-friendly and comfortable and I think I have the answer. All that needs to happen is for the skirt I want to wear to be overhauled. I am going to show you all how to sew a fishtail hem skirt from a boring old one you may have (apologies for the dodgy pictures, it was so late at night!)

You'll need:
- An old long skirt
- Scissors
- Sewing machine or needle and thread
- Iron

How to do it:

1. Try your skirt on and figure out where you want the shortest part to be at the front and make a mark. Add another 2-3 cm for hem allowance.
2. Take the skirt off and fold the skirt EXACTLY in half from the front and back. So instead of the back and front sides of the skirt next to each other the sides are next to each other. The skirt I am using has a drawstring front so I was able to determine where the fold was supposed to be.

3. Lay the skirt on the floor and cut from the front part of the skirt - cut the line fairly straight for about 30 cm as this will be the mini skirt section, then tapering down the back and bottom of the skirt. Try the skirt on once you have done this and make sure you've cut enough out. If you do need to cut more be careful not to cut away too much! (The skirt I used was quite a full maxi skirt, meaning a lot of fabric. When I cut it the section that tapers down was quite dramatic and I wanted a more subtle curve so had to play around with it a bit). I can't emphasise enough to cut out less to begin with in case you need to cut more.

4. Now fold the hem over twice and iron it down. Then pin the hem all the way around.
5. Using either your sewing machine or a needle and thread sew a small stitch around the hem.
6. Iron it once more.

Done. Instantly chic.

I promise I will do another post with my FULL Christmas outfit on in the next few days. I'm a bit busy enjoying the sun right now (which explains my bare feet!).

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