Saturday Morning

What better way to start the weekend than by getting a little dressed up for a coffee and breakfast on a Saturday morning. After my sister and I visited the Armchair Collective cafe in Mona Vale, we took my red hair and red lips for a few snaps. Perfect Spring day.

Since this is the first blog post I felt that I had to wear something that resembled a beard. Hence, the scarf. 

What is The Bearded Lady wearing?

Vintage Beige Blazer
Vintage Topshop Sheep wool scarf
Vintage Beige mesh top
Black Nudie Jeans
YSL ring
Neon Orange ToyWatch (LOVE!)
Gold watch

Oh, and just in case I forgot what time it was today, I decided to wear two clashing watches.


  1. LOVE your look, just added you to my google reader and i am so looking forward to seeing all future posts from you my sweet :) i hungrily devoured your posts. your red hair is a feast for my eyes!

  2. Thank you so much @Along Came Leo. There will be MUCH more to come! xx